Wednesday, July 09, 2008


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The last few days have been weird at the office. We are more or less drowned in pillows, flowers and signs that were bought or produced for the festival. We have constantly people popping their head into the StrangerRoom and asking how we feel, are we tired and what now. The answer is more or less the same to all of those: uhm...

Having focused on an event for a year and now having it behind my back feels weird and empty. Suddenly - like cut with a knife - the rush is gone. Our interns are ending their time with us this week which makes my eyes water. I had difficulties delivering my speech to them at the farewell reception on Tuesday. After working with a team of six, we will once again go back to two or three. It does not feel nice.

The festival was a surreal experience. It was bigger than I could have imagined, I met tons of great people and witnessed what we have been preaching: intercultural dialogue in action, not merely in words. Being in the centre of the tornado made it difficult to see clearly what happened. Suddenly it was just over.

The great thing was that one of my best friends and my partner were here for the event. Through their eyes I was actually able to see clearer what was going on. They met new people, had great parties, danced on the podium and were moved by the videos.

I do feel guilty that I was able to spend so little time with both of them. But having them seeing it, recognising its size and impact and sharing the great moments with me is just amazing. That is true companionship, friendship and love. The fact that they took the time to see the biggest thing I have ever produced really makes me choke up from emotion. They really made the event light up for me. Thank you both.

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