Thursday, July 03, 2008

Strangers Are Here

1,5 years of work and here we are. StrangerFestival started today. All these people we have been communicating with by email and phone for ages are here with many young people who are scared, overwhelmed, excited and curious. We visited the location today and the entire team went silent: this is why we have worked so hard - to create an event that is beautiful, meaningful and fun.

Today my telephone has been ringing with questions on DVD formats, bus tickets, hotel and hostels and what have you. I have shaken many hands and had many 2-3-minute discussions. The great thing is that even if people are critical, they are grateful and enthusiastic and they appreciate the effort we make to make this a joint success.

It's a bit confusing the entire feeling- it is so much at the same time that it takes a moment to suck it in. I just came home for an hour to relax, change and get ready for the evening. Fun, fun, fun!

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