Thursday, February 21, 2008

Urgency, no urgency

This afternoon the Dutch organisation for international cultural policy SICA organised a session on Finnish and Dutch creative industries policy. As a true Finn, I made my way to Felix Meritis to listen - as was stated in the programme - what the Netherlands could learn from Finland. I however came up with a list for both:

Dutch from the Finns

1. Sometimes you really have to make choices.
2. Government policy helps in mobilising and stimulating people but does not deliver results by itself. And seeing results takes time.
3. Interest to creativity starts already from the way you teach arts in primary school.
4. Sense of urgency helps in making choices. Finland has several times been forced to choose rather than the Netherlands with decades of prosperity.
5. Design needs demystifying. Design is also about handy, practical and quality.
6. Patience.

Finns from the Dutch

1. It is not all about results, sometimes process and discussion matters as well. Hearing people out often helps in building commitment.
2. It is OK to be proud of your achievements.
3. How you present things does matter.
4. Diversity means often slowing down and more strive for concensus.
5. Sometimes investing in quality beats a good bargain.

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