Saturday, February 09, 2008


death of a star
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It is Saturday afternoon, around three or so. The sky is clear and the sun is shining. I sit in my living room watching it. I have not managed to get myself out of the house by now. The reason for this is clear: five-day working week. Please do not take this as whining, it is purely a description of the state of affairs.

From January onwards I have switched to working a full week instead of Mon-Thu. Also the amount of work and my responsibilities have grown significantly from last year. Previously I used my Friday for this: wasting the day and recharging batteries. Now I find myself more and more often doing that on Saturday - very often I leave the house only late afternoon and do not build big plans for the weekend days. I am starting to understand how most people feel when they close the office door on Friday afternoon.

Over the last weeks I have forced myself to the gym at least three times a week. I feel that it has been the key for making it through some difficult situations and coping with the growing stress level.

I feel lucky now because our house is empty. My flatmates are doing their things which lets me sit here in peace. Doing a social job, managing a team takes its toll: I noticed yesterday after work that the thing I wanted the most was just to be left in peace for a while. I got myself to the gym and the yoga class was starting. Consciously I decided to go for headphones and complete isolation of 1,5 hours.

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