Thursday, October 18, 2007


dive at prosperous
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Tuesday was one of those evenings that you could describe with a capital E. It was entertaining but inspiring, intelligent but fun. Fantastic setting in a relaxed Italian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg and good company - what more can one ask.

The discussion went on and on. On what and with which logic - difficult to say. But we managed to cover over two courses the state of business, crisis of politics, role of images and what have you. I was excited, agitated, moved and shaken. Good people make a good evening.

We talked a lot about things and people that are driving change. My dinner dates are running big creative businesses and at the same time doing highly sophisticated (and beautiful) cultural products. They make a living with things that do not make them lose a lot of sleep. If I would be asked to describe my future now, that would get quite close: do good for the society and do good business. Start from wishes and needs, not from problems. I think this can be achieved in a way that is both fruitful and fun. Just look at Dove cosmetics: beautiful campaign on normal beautiful women led to rise in sales and questioned the way advertisement portrays beauty.

A lot of people I know have started things, made things happen and changed things. I am finding myself more and more curious towards the setting that drove them to take the risk. Like we discussed last night, the same goes for business and socialist revolution: change does not happen if you are not willing to jump and maybe even hurt yourself when landing.


Sirkka Suurla said...

I quite agree on your point. It reminds me of Friedrich Schiller's "On the Aesthetic Education of Man", in which he states that any true development in the society is driven by small groups of innovative individuals, who are in a state of free playfulness, loving what they do. He believes that ideas that can truly make a difference, and the people who are able to carry them out are most likely to be found within an aesthetically and socially healthy environment.

Tommi Laitio said...

Sirkka, I think that just made its way to me list of books ro read.