Monday, September 04, 2006

One day to go

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Sweaty. Smells like cigarettes. Ugly leather sofas. Central location. The lobby of Grand Hotel Halic.

My biggest event of this year (professionally I mean) starts tomorrow. I have been in Istanbul for the weekend to prepare it. Already I have done the following:

- sent text messages in Swedish
- eaten greasy börek
- made new friends
- found another cool magazine
- consumed several cups of tea
- sat on way too low stools
- been posted to a blog directly with a mobile phone
- sweated in a taxi
- soaked myself in a bathtub hoping that it would take the heat away
- eaten odd, sweet, cold rice porrage
- eaten excellent yoghurt mint soup for lunch
- insisted to pay less for the taxi
- talked about Atatürk, gayish Turkish pop icons, he-shes, relationship between punk and drinking behaviour, the eye make-up of Placebo's singer, timezones. minareths, praying and the essence of food

And we still have the event to do. Excited!

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