Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ain't no boxes large enough

He's got red boxes
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First a remark: no, this weblog is not totally domesticated even though most of the posts lately dealt with homey issues. I promise that politics will strike back.

I gained more amsterdamisation points today. I cycled from Hema (which is like miniature-IKEA but in the centre) to my new apartment with two boxes of duvets (blankets) and one box with two pillows. Yes, cycled. I discovered that the easiest way to make Dutch people smile is to do funny stuff with your bike. The expression on people's faces was clearly:"Yes, that's how it is. And you should have seen when I cycled with a washing machine."

This added to yesterday's points from cycling with a stool and a lamp takes me to the next Mario Bros level.

And to finalise with a shallow comment: everyone should download the new iTunes version. It has the coolest feature like ever: you can download the album covers from their database and glance through your playlist using them. Just like in a jukebox.

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