Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beauty of Friesland

I have often stated - even to the level of arrogance - that the Netherlands is no music country. I must take some of my words back. Or at least admit that in the Northern part they do make beautiful music.

The reason for this praise is the woman in the picture: Nynke Laverman. She is just absolutely superb. I saw her live a few months back and have been talking about her ever since. But now I bought her new album and have been listening to it on repeat for days.

She is a fascinating combination of things: beautiful and charismatic woman (presumably) with a classical background, singing fado music in Frisian. Frisian is a regional language of Friesland. It is in many ways close to Dutch but not understandable for most Dutch people. Frisian fits well for fado as it lacks the spitting-inwards sounds of Dutch.

I think I am going to market Nynke Laverman when I go to Finland for summer holidays.

p.s. I am one of those people who have constantly a song playing in their head. For days it has been Tom Jones' Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do.
p.p.s. I have totally neglected my project to learn Dutch. The new words I have learned during the last weeks are:
difference between maken (to make) and doen (to do); tussen (between); elkaar (together); difference between mijn vriend (my partner) and vriend van mij (a friend of mine); als (as, when, like, if); waar kom je vandaan (where do you come from); simpel (stupid)

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