Friday, June 16, 2006

Back and forth

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Back home, finally. I am been going around for the last 1,5 weeks now and it is actually the first time in a few weeks that I am sitting on my bed at home.

It has been a brilliant week or so. I was in Lisbon last weekend for work. That city is just amazing. Friday night in the district of Bairro Alto means loads and loads of people wandering from a bar to another with their drinks, chatting to strangers on the streets and so forth. And five days in Lisbon is like going to the gym. My colleague and I had the feeling that we were going uphill all the time.

The city is quite amazing. The food is fabulous and relatively inexpensive, men's clothing is not designed for giants (like here in Holland), caipirinhas cost 4 euros, the sun was shining constantly and my colleague speaks Portuguese. What can I say but even with the slight food poisoning it was a brilliant visit. And a female colleague said that she appreciated greatly the fact that men let her sit in peace in cafes. Lisbon is a bit messy but that only adds up to the charm. A city cannot be too bad if even the graffitis are quotes from Fernando Pessoa.

On Wednesday started an event of the British Council called the Network Effect but I think I will write on that issue later. My only comment is that as was said during the last session, a functioning network is not only about bringing the people together. It is also about doing something together.

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