Sunday, February 19, 2006

My world is so huge!

I had dinner at a former colleague's house earlier this week. Her daughter had a ball she played with that was like the globe. Usually the seas are coloured blue but in this ball they were transparent. For some reason I thought that it was a better way of showing how much of the globe really is water and how enormous the Pacific is.

My friend Bettina's blog had an excellent tip for a website where you can tick all the countries you have visited and then it generates a map. I posted my map here but cos it seems to blow up the frame, I will just offer the link. I really recommend testing. I had visited only 10 % of the countries in the world.

Few observations:
1. Russia is gigantic. And I have only been to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2. Europe is ridiculously small.
3. I want to go to Brazil and Canada.


Anastasia Kanarska said...

And what about Ukraine? ;)

Pinja said...

What a wonderful site -was my first impression! Even if it could be interesting to discuss about the reasons of this feeling.. Personally when I looked the covered area I felt that I have seen more places than I actually have seen. Like Tommi in Russia, I have visited only a small part of the Brasil. But at the same time while wondering the map I already started to plan my next travel..So many places I have to see outside of Europe ..and also in Europe.
It would be so much easier live in Central Europe with shorter distances, I also love traveling in trains.
Tommi, olen aika hurjan kateellinen sulle(: Erittäin lokaalisesta näkökulmasta myös siksi, että pyöräni on just nyt jäätynyt telineeseen kiinni.

Tommi Laitio said...

After writing this piece I have managed to add one more country to my map: Latvia. Greetings from the city of Liepaja on the coast of Latvia. We are doing a workshop ( in the former Soviet military base Karosta (

I also realised that I forgot that I have been Switzerland (tax-free shopping from Austria).

Anastasia, I haven't been to Ukraine yet. Looking forward to getting there some time soon. And yes, it is huge as well.

Pinja, we played yesterday with Google Earth and a friend of mine showed me their summer house (sigh) on one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Mane the Mean said...

See mine at

Another cool travel-site is the Great Circle Mapper at
Enter your flights there!