Friday, February 24, 2006

How about a holiday outside Europe?

I am currently in Karosta (amazing place) in Latvia running one of theoneminutesjr

Mane suggested a great link in the comments of the previous post. A site that generates a map based on all flight connections you have made. I love these sort of things. I have always been big on tests and such. I actually spent quite a substantial amount of time in doing this. And again, I realise how much my life is centred on Europe. workshops (check the website for photos). I love my work at the moment. I really do. At times it seems even odd that they actually pay me for this work. I get to work with talented artists and motivated youngsters. Brilliant.


ice breaker said...

that is really quite an exercise! not sure i can even remember everything...

Aga said...

Interesting website :) Even if I still don't have so much to put there ;)

Good work with your blog :)