Thursday, December 08, 2005

It´s a mess

My confession
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Whoof. My head seems to be a blurry mess today. It seems like there are fourty schemes fighting for Lebensraum. That´s why this entry will be bits and pieces a bit here and there.

1. Narnia: Film critic of the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw, gave five stars (out of five) to the blockbuster of this Christmas, Narnia. Polly Toynbee´s critical article on the religious references in it taught me new things on this film.

2. Rock: A friend of mine asked for recommendations for good rock documentaries. Well, after IDFA it is easy. Jeff Feuerzeig´s The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a moving story of a mentally ill musician who is adored by musicians and bands such as Tom Waits and Pearl Jam.

3. Media is sexy: It has been clear during the last years that more and more youngsters wish to work in the media industry. Now they are even releasing a board game on media ownership. How weird is that?

4. Finnish presidential elections: When I am not in the country, I have developed a passion for news on the election debates. For my non-Finnish readers, we will have elections for president in January. The current president Tarja Halonen is supported by more than half of the population but apparently the right-liberal candidate Sauli Niinistö is doing better and better. The biggest daily wrote that Niinistö was clearly the winner of yesterday´s debate organised by YLE. Good! I want more politics into politics.

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