Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day with the BBC

BBC White City Entrance
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I love my colleagues. Sharing the morning coffee at the kitchen is splendid. But the negative side of this is that the bugs are shared as well. Yesterday was my time to bite the bullet, head home earlier and spend today in bed.

I hate being ill. Especially when you are totally powerless and you are not able to think. I tried finishing some documents for work but wasn't able to. Well, I had to admit to myself after 15 minutes that being ill should mean resting, not working with half speed.

I spent the day with the BBC on. The wonderful thing in the Netherlands is that we also get BBC One and Two. I don't know how many news shows I have seen. But I do know by heart Tony Blair's statement on solidarity regarding the EU budget because they showed it three times (oh sorry, they are showing for the fourth time as I write this). I have seen the interview with a French farmer twice. Now the Iraqi prime minister is speaking on Newsnight. Peter Mandelson has blamed the US twice of egoism in the WTO talks. And I have witnessed twice an in-depth analysis on speed cameras on UK roads. A day with the BBC proves a common remark of today's television: recycling is the word of the day.

p.s. I saw for the first time an episode of the Culture Show. I fully recommend it. It combines pop culture and high arts (including Kaiser Chiefs, Martha Wainwright, Gilbert and George, Woody Allen and Damien Hirst). It is a brilliant example of well-done interviews with artists communicating their passion.

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