Friday, November 14, 2008


There´s been a lot of talk about change during the last few weeks. We are seeing a new face of American leadership. As a friend of mine coined it perfectly yesterday:"It is not only Barack Obama. It is the view of seeing an African-American family walking on the stage with the American flag in the background."I could not agree with her more. I think a diverse set of leaders with diverse styles and aspirations opens possibilities for more people and is in the end better for us all.

On my flight to Helsinki last Wednesday I was reading the Newsweek special commemorative issue on Obama´s election. It made me shiver and moved me nearly to tears (no, it was not the KLM Pinot Grigio). On these moments I confess having jealousy towards the Americans: the boldness of top notch journalists to show emotion and excitement, to allow themselves to give a politician the chance to make that change.

I am engaging myself into big changes in my life. The first steps have been taken and I cannot tell you how good it feels. It means re-evaluating what you can, what you want and what makes you happy. Shaking up your personal dollhouse is bloody scary but it is something one ought to do every few years. And when you throw all the stuff on the table and prioritise them again with a fresh look, it leads to surprising result. More to follow.

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