Thursday, August 28, 2008

Phoenix Bill

Bill Clinton 4
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Still remember this guy? They said he had tarnished his legacy by attacking Obama fiercely during the primaries and acting like a 5-year-old when he was criticised. They said Clinton had lost his popularity amongst the African-Americans by bringing race into the discussion when evaluating Obama´s popularity. Some called Clinton a loose cannon and several commentators were worried that he would be taking the stage at the Democratic Convention last night. They even wondered whether he has lost it for good. Some speculated with Alzheimer. "We don´t know what he will say", they worried. "Is he still angry? Does he still feel hurt and unjustly criticised?"

I don´t know what they were thinking. Bill Clinton is one of the most skilled political animals of the last few decades. He wants to win at all cost. He in many ways was the inspiration of Tony Blair and the famous Third Way. He charms people young and old. He can make you feel like he is talking only to you. His campaign ads from are iconic pieces of political TV campaigning. I have watched it several times and it still makes me choke.

His speech yesterday was honest, funny, witty and on the mark. Clinton managed to keep his voice normal against the roaring crowd and did not shout like most other speakers. He recognised the hard battle, confessed that his candidate did not win but threw his support behind Obama with emotion not yet seen at this convention. He was clear in giving reasons why we need Obama. He did not repeat what others had said. He tactically reminded the crowd of his own achievements without sounding smug. By looking at the faces and reactions of the delegates, it was obvious: King Bill is back.

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