Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We Exist, We Really Do!

Barack Obama on the Primary
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It is somehow cute how Finnish media loves covering when we are mentioned by anyone of any standing. Even as a Hillary supporter I need to mention this. Tonight Finland's main newspaper had a headline that Obama believes in Finland's NATO membership. Apparently Obama had said the following things at the Senate hearing for new ambassadors to Europe.

"Amongst the new ambassadors was also Finland's new ambassador Barbara McConnell Barrett. According to Ilta-Sanomat (country's leading tabloid) Obama mentioned that Barrett will represent America in a country that has travelled further than others on the road to democracy and welfare. But it still has challenges in its relationship with Russia and its longstanding position outside Euro-Atlantic security institutions. At some point soon Finland may move closer to Nato, Obama stated. According to Obama said that Finland is a true friend of the United States."

Somehow cute. And also a brilliant example of creative headlining. Obama actually made a prognosis and did not state anything about his own opinions regarding Finland and NATO. But hey, we were mentioned by the possibly next most powerful man on the planet.

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