Monday, January 21, 2008

This is what they call journalism

Sometimes in this snippet world one ends up forgetting what quality journalism really is. Journalism is not making it catchy but about digging deep, taking a new perspective, putting it all together and squeezing out the truth. It is about people like Sir David Frost, Jeremy Paxman and Christiane Amanpour. They also remind you that journalism is bloody difficult.

I have reminded of quality journalism on my recent bicycle rides. One of my Christmas presents was a pair of fancy WESC headphones which make the audio experience both more pleasant and way more trendier.

My reason of joy has been the serious of New York Times' TimesTalks podcast sessions where they broadcast an hour-long interview with a fascinating figure. Today I heard Susan Sarandon analysing the role of older women in the film industry, yesterday the stunning Madeleine Albright talking about the role of the UN, religion and military intervention in politics.

I often think that I have an addiction to images but when one comes across quality journalism such as these interviews, you really know what it means diving into language head first.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a high quality podcast - thanks for sharing!