Saturday, December 16, 2006

Going Christian

Christen Unie stand
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Well, it finally seems that this country is getting a cabinet. The media has been drumming yesterday and today of a cabinet consisting of CDA (Christian Democrats), PVdA (Social Democrats) and Christen Unie after it became clear that SP (Socialists, the big winner) and CDA do not fit to the same cabinet. PVdA was openly favouring a coalition with the Greens but the leader of the Greens has expressed that they do not wish to join the coalition. I must say that my respect of the leader of the Greens, Femke Halsema, rose when she pointed out that the coalition ought to be linked to the result of the elections. CDA, PVdA and the Greens all lost seats whereas the winners were SP, ChristenUnie and the right-wing Freedom Party.

It is difficult to say what this means for the future of the Netherlands. On the other hand CDA and Christen Unie come together on concern for the deterioration of spirituality, longing for traditional family values etc. Basically parties for decent and proper living. Then again PVdA come together on issues of social welfare, solidarity etc. I was slightly worried when I saw the first headlines but it is not maybe the worst possible combination. I would have been more worried about SP in the coalition both in the light of economic and foreign policy.

We shall see.

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Tommi Laitio said...

Seems that this will be the coalition then. Was reading from today's paper a list of areas where there are disagreements: EU accession, social policy, housing, abortion, gay marriages....Tricky, tricky, tricky.

A friend of mine sent me an email a few days back. I have tried to encourage him to comment on the blog but he decided to send an email. Without asking, I will share his reaction to this post. He completely disagrees with me on respect towards Femke Halsema's decision not to be available for the coalition. He wrote that parties should be willing to rule.

I still disagree. I feel that one should only join a cabinet if the direction is the one that you have lobbied for. Ruling because of ruling is an indication of something else that carrying responsibility for the country. Not naming the parties in Finland and the Netherlands one could should parties that join any coalition there is which I just find appalling.