Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thoughts of the day

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I was in a seminar today on communities in the cultural sector. I watched a DVD yesterday. I had dinner tonight. Some results:

"The French integration is based on the notion that the principles of the French constitution are universal."

"Interculturalism means funding for projects where different cultures contaminate each other."

"Peace and tolerance are issues that are difficult to make into something edgy and interesting. Like who would say that they are against peace?"

"There is a common perception that arts for and by immigrants means folklore or amateur."

"Depression is America's greatest export product."

"This is a time of fast food but slow digestion. A time of tall men but short characters."

"Some bloody guys crushed our dreams of Europe in Sarajevo with a few shots."

"Most rock musicians in Carelia are sons and daughters of Finnish communists."

"Let's talk about children. Children are a bit like farts. Everyone kind of likes their own."

"In integration we have ended up into a situation where priests and racial relations specialists are running the show."

"If a country would be a company and I would really like to develop our systems and products and one department would object completely, I would know what to do."

"You Europeans are funny in one way. We Americans dare to ask the stupid questions and to be ignorant and ask the things everyone wants to know. You are so bloody scared of making a mistake."

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ice breaker said...

And stupid me always thought that depression is something Finnish. At least i can be sure the inferiority complex is Austrian - since our great ideas were shot in sarajevo!