Monday, August 28, 2006

Your Highness, you have a visitor

The Queen of England
Originally uploaded by Richard Gifford.
I did my usual tour on the Apple QuickTime page through the recent trailers. On every visit a few films cause joyful reactions but this time I was going through the roof. The reason is the upcoming Stephen Frears film The Queen. Helen Mirren plays - boldly, I must say - the role of the English Queen who was criticised heavily for staying out of the public for days after Diana's tragic death.

Only based on trailer the film seems amazing. Just starting from the fact that Helen Mirren looks so much like the Queen and that it is actually a critical and straightforward film on a current Head of State and Prime Minister.

And if Ms Mirren and the Queen would not be enough: Mr Blair is also around. I have never tried to hide my fascination on Tony Blair. I still remember my friend's reaction when he saw the 750-page Blair biography in my bookshelf:"Tommi, now I understand why you are single."

Dear Mr Frears, I would reserve one ticket. Front row, please.

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