Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gore for President

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My fascination on British politics has always been greater than towards U.S. politics. Recently though, I must admit, the tragic incidents in Southern states have triggered a lively debate concerning the state of the country. One article that I loved was Donna Brazile´s - the head of Al Gore´s presidential campaign in 2000 - article in the Washington Post where she stated that she will rebuild with Mr. Bush. I heard Ms Brazile live in New York last November and must say that she did not strike me as a pro-Bush person. But this article from her was really a proof of the power of the American dream.

Well, on my regular round in the blogosphere this morning I ended up to a site where they published Al Gore´s speech on the state of American television from yesterday. Absolutely magnificent speech. As someone stated on the site: "I would have voted for this man."

Gore started recently his own news station, Current TV. In the article he shares his concern on the power of television in the American society. He states the same thing as for instance Oliver Marchart: TV of today does not fill the criteria of a public sphere. "The world of television makes it virtually impossible for individuals to take part in what passes for a national conversation today", Gore says. He pleas for a differentiation in entertainment and news based on the crucial role of news in a democracy. Really worth reading.

There are two different scripts in the media debate at the moment. The other is the this one advocated by Gore comparing the current state to the history and criticising the power structures and undemocracy. The other is the optimistic one talking about blogs. The thing I like in Gore - compared to many others with the similar worry - is that he has made an initiative to create something new using the most powerful medium of today.

p.s. Gore was always left to the shadow of Clinton. I honestly would have favoured him on the recent BBC list of the ideal team to lead the world instead of Bill C.

p.p.s. In a recent post I revealed my results from this politics test. It said Democrat. In that sense this adoring of Gore´s message is presumably understandable.

p.p.p.s. I love my iPod. I realised today that I would have made an excellent southern American (meaning US here). My iPod played Elvis´ Burning Love which is very near to country in several senses. I must have seemed silly humming the song while cycling. But at this age I may admit that all my music does not need to be minimalistic and cool.

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